Seaweek and Landcare Week at Sunbury West!


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During the week of September 4th-8th the West Warriors celebrated two important events; Seaweek and Landcare week. These events remind us to be appreciative of the beauty that surrounds Australia and our communities. It is also to raise awareness for the importance of these habitats and how we can take better care of them. On Monday we had a colouring in competition, where the West Warriors chose two fantastic winners! On Wednesday we had a Nude Food day where 3/4T proved to be the most nude food friendly classroom! Congratulations to these wonderful winners!


Shade Trees


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Good morning,

We are going to talk to you about the trees in our school. There are some reasons that the trees are important in our school and why it is great that the new shade trees have been planted around the new playground.

Firstly, they help to block out the sun in the summer. They can be lots of fun to play around at snack and lunch, and they look much better than bare dirt would.

Secondly, the trees give us lots of fresh air. If you ask us, that is an excellent thing to have in our school!

Finally, we have an orchard that we grow fruit in. Food certainly does not need to come wrapped in plastic and these trees are proof that anyone can grow their own fruit!

If you ask us, the trees in our school all look very nice. We can’t wait to watch the new shade trees grow and mature into beautiful big trees that kids will be able to play and sit around.

Thank you,

Kaitlyn and Louise.

Nude Food Day at Sunbury West!


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At Sunbury West, we support initiatives that care for our environment and aim to implement ideas that produce a positive impact on our earth. Landcare week celebrates those who grow our food and protect our native wildlife. The initiative was created to celebrate hardworking land carers who are fostering a better environment for us all. The aim of Seaweek is to celebrate the sea, and specifically, to focus community awareness and to encourage an appreciation of our marine and coastal environments.

The West Warriors would like to encourage everyone to participate in celebrating both these important events during September 4th-8th. We will have a colouring in competition to promote environmental awareness and a nude food day on Wednesday September 6th. We hope everyone participates in minimizing our communities litter footprint!

Environment News


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We have had a busy and productive start to Term 3! The Gardening Club has been busy over several lunch times adding mulch to our gardens. They have also planted some Winter veggies – cabbages, cauliflower and brussel sprouts as well as some lovely flowering plants to brighten up our veggie gardens.

On Sunday we had a very productive morning planting deciduous trees around the new playground on the oval. This will eventually become our Wellbeing Garden with a path and sensory plants being planted for the children to enjoy. The trees will be the foundation of this garden and will provide shade in this area. This was a very big job and was only achieved through the generous offer of assistance from Daniel Payne and his bobcat and digger. A very big thank-you to Daniel, Molly and Stella Payne, Claire and Robert Duckworth, Sharon Moore and Gerald Bronchinetti for giving up their Sunday morning and helping with this wonderful project.

You have all probably noticed that our Artist’s Walk mural is coming along nicely and will look fabulous when all the grades finish their paintings. They are busy working on their designs and this will also be a wonderful improvement to our school environment when it is completed. So keep watching its progress!

Dianne Bronchinetti – Environment Coordinator.

The Plovers Have Taken Over!


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Hi everyone,

Over the past two weeks, our resident plovers have had babies and now they are super defensive about their young.

They have been swooping people who have ventured too close to their baby, so it is our advice that you do not go near them!

It has affected us running in the morning on the oval, playing sports and recess and lunch and just walking around talking. People are getting really annoyed!

Travis said “I’ve have been very scared on the oval and I have been watching my back every since!”

Tips to avoid conflict with the plovers:

  • Don’t annoy them,
  • Don’t look them in the eye,
  • Don’t try and scream at them and
  • Don’t throw rocks and other objects at them,

These tips are all for your safety.

By Jalen, Dylan and Aaiden from 5/6G

Environment News


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Artist’s Walk

We are starting our newest school project to brighten up our school grounds which is called our ‘Artist’s Walk’. Every grade will design and paint a picture onto a panel under the art room windows and make it into a wonderful mural that can be enjoyed by the whole school community. We have recently asked a group of our talented artists in Grade 6 to design a central panel for this project. Thank-you to the students who entered their designs. Congratulations to our winner Valentina Bernal Uribe in Grade 5/6L whose entry was fabulous! Valentina will begin to paint her design onto a panel this week. So keep watching to see her design unfold before your eyes! It will certainly help to brighten up our school environment.

Yarn Bombing

Also a big thank-you to the staff and students who have helped to rejuvenate our yarn bombing poles. It was a great team effort and looks wonderful once again.

Welcome Tree

Our other project for this term is the ‘Welcome Tree’ which is being painted onto the wall in the covered area near the Grade 1/2s. We have undercoated and painted the background for this and a tree will appear before your eyes this week! Keep watching this space to see what unfolds! Thank-you to the staff who are helping with this lovely project too.

Dianne Bronchinetti – Environment leader

Environment News


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Gardening Club

Gardening Club is on every Monday lunchtime and Sunbury West is lucky to have a wonderful group of dedicated children who attend every week. We have been mulching the gardens, weeding, sweeping, pruning and watering our gardens. After all the recent rain we have lots of lovely plants that are flowering in our schoolground.


We have made a new garden near the Grade 1/2 area where the old melaleuca tree used to be. We have planted some bottlebrushes, woolly bushes and grasses that are all very hardy and should survive once they are established. The children have been wonderful and have been careful to stay off the garden. We have also added a passionfruit vine, and a miniature nectarine, pear and apple tree to our orchard behind the gym. They are also growing very well – so one day we will have our own fresh fruit to eat!

Veggie Patch

Our veggie patch has an abundance of silverbeet, celery, chives, mint, rosemary and oregano growing. If anyone in our school community would like some please feel free to pick it. If you are not sure what or how to pick it please see Mrs Bronchinetti or Mr Gregory. If you would like to make a gold coin donation for your pickings we can put the money towards purchasing new veggies. Here is a recipe that uses silverbeet and celery if you would like to try it. The children in 3/4B have made it so it is a tried and true recipe!


Cauliflower and silverbeet dip


1 small cauliflower, cut into florets and steamed

6 leaves of silverbeet – cut finely

2 tablespoons Tahini

1 tablespoon lemon juice

Pinch of salt

1 teaspoon garlic

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 teaspoon honey


Blend all ingredients in a food processor/or by hand until smooth.

Eat with celery or carrot sticks and biscuits.

Delicious and healthy!!!


Help Wanted

Our Gardening Club works hard but we could use some help with weeding. If anyone would like to volunteer half an hour or more to weeding our gardens please just join in!! See Mrs Bronchinetti or Mr Gregory if you are not sure where, but if you see some weeds just pull them out! We have gloves and tools to make it easier so just let us know! Perhaps a Monday morning after assembly or come in a bit earlier when picking up your children after school. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yours in gardening,

Dianne Bronchinetti for the Environment team.

World Environment Day at Sunbury West Primary


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World Environment Day is on June 5th however Sunbury West P.S celebrated it on the 3rd of June. To acknowledge the environment at our school we set up a stall and demonstrated, in a number of ways how we are harming and helping our environment. A lot of students participated and whoever didn’t join, came and enjoyed looking at the stall.


We aimed to inform our school about the damage our rubbish is doing to our
environment and how we can improve our school. We achieved this by collecting all the rubbish we found at lunchtime for one day and displayed it on a board. It was sad to the amount of rubbish that would have been on our school grounds was so large! When students at our school saw this it was a shock for them also and we have noticed less rubbish in our school yards since.

20160603_133605 20160603_133512

Everyone enjoyed our stall and learnt something new about our schools and earths environment!

From the West Warriors

End of Term News


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Hi everyone,

The Environment Team has been very busy this term. We completed the Friendship Garden early in term 2 and the response from the students has been excellent. It has provided everything that we had hoped for and the children are very proud and respectful of this fantastic space within the playground.

Some plans for the rest of the year are to create a Fairy Garden for the younger students (thanks Mrs Taylor) and also finish off our own little orchard near the water tanks. These areas will provide students with even more opportunities and places to express themselves within the school grounds.

We have also been lucky enough to receive a $300 voucher from the Victorian Schools Garden Awards to use. We have been brainstorming ideas at meetings to decide what we can put this towards and hopefully this will result in further improvements to our wonderful school.

Stay posted for any future updates!

Environment Committee.

Friendship Garden


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